TurtleBrains  0.3.1
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TurtleBrains::Audio Namespace Reference

Bring some sound into the games created with TurtleBrains using a very simple fire and forget AudioManager. More...


class  AudioController
class  AudioManager


typedef tbCore::uint32 AudioHandle
typedef tbCore::uint32 AudioChannel


const AudioHandle kInvalidAudio
const AudioChannel kInvalidChannel

Detailed Description

TODO: TIM: Documentation: This is still early in development and the Audio framework is still being designed.

Typedef Documentation

This represents an audio channel, although the concept may become hidden behind a deeper wall as this is really an implementation detail of TurtleBrains.

An AudioHandle is a unique value for each unique sound created with the AudioManager. Use the handle to access the sound properties and to destroy any resources associated.

Variable Documentation

const AudioHandle TurtleBrains::Audio::kInvalidAudio

This will be returned or set for audio handles that are invalid or not loaded.

const AudioChannel TurtleBrains::Audio::kInvalidChannel

Represents an unused or invalid channel. The concept may become hidden as this is really an implementation detail of TurtleBrains.

AudioManager& TurtleBrains::Audio::theAudioManager

Instead of creating your own AudioManager object, this is a way to access it as a singleton. This may turn into a pointer to the object, although the SoundManager API will remain the same.